Swim The Great Lakes Challenge


Are you looking for a challenge? Swim across the Great Lakes in the comfort of the YMCA pool! We've calculated the distance of the width of each of the great lakes so you can keep track of your miles.


How it works:

  • This challenge is only available for Hornell Area Family YMCA or Dansville YMCA members or those with a pool punch pass.
  • Registration is not required. Swimmers can join the challenge at any time.
  • Take your time, there is no end date for this challenge. 
  • Swimmers are responsible for logging their own miles. Mileage tracker forms can be found and kept in the Great Lakes Challenge Folder located in the pool area. 
  • Participants can purchase a t-shirt for each lake they complete in the challenge. 
  • Participants who complete all fives lakes will receive a free t-shirt showing off their accomplishment.
  • Completed mileage tracker forms for each lake can be submitted to the Front Desk.